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Adevia is an Aveda Concept Salon, we offer high-quality, professional salon and spa products.

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Guest Services Questions


Q. What are the differences between the Express Manicures & Pedicures and the Spa Manicures & Pedicures?

A. The Express is the maintenance of the natural nails, taking care of the cuticles, shaping and polishing the nails. Spa Manicure has the soaking, exfoliating and moisturizing of the arm and full care of the nail. Spa Pedicures complete lower leg and foot care including exfoliating, moisturizing, massage the cuticles, shaping and callus removal and polish.


Q. Can you explain the differences of your massages?

A. We have ½ hr, One Hour and One and Half-Hour Massages. All of our massages are customized to your needs. The ½ Hour massage generally is for one area of your body, either an upper body massage or a lower back, is perfect for problem area, recommended for an area in need of extra therapy. The One Hour is a full body, it's great for total body care. The One and a half-hour is a full body but more attention to each area.


Q. What is the difference between the 60 minute and 90 minute facials?

A. Other than the obvious 30 minute time, in a nutshell, the 60 minute facial allows enough time for the treatment of the face while the 90 minute facial allow more time for the Esthetician to bring all of the treatments down the neck and to the décolleté (the place where aging and sun damage shows most).


Q. Which technician would you most recommend?

A. All of our technicians are skill certified and are required to go through an advanced training program. If you have special needs, we are able to personally recommend someone for you in regards to that specific area.


Q. What is the length of time spent at the spa salon when receiving a day of beauty?

A. We have two Day of Beauty spa packages:

Our ½ Day of Beauty, A Passage to Wellness and Beauty, you spend 4 to 4 1/2 hours, depending on the spa services chosen.

Our Full Day of Beauty, A Time for Wellness and Beauty, you spend 6 1/2 - 7 hours, depending on which spa services chosen.

* We recommend making your reservations 2-3 weeks
before your requested date for
Friday and Saturday appointments.


Q. Are Gift Cards or series of services refundable or transferable?

A. They are both non-refundable, the service series is valid to one guest and the gift cards are transferable. 


Our Guarantee

We always strive to give quality, precise services that exceed your every expectation. In the event that we fall short of an expectation, we guarantee our work by making it right for you. We will rectify the challenge by any means possible however; we have chosen to not give cash refunds because we feel that doing so is equal to giving up and not remedying the challenge.