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Skin Care Questions


Q. Do I need sun block?

A. Yes! We all need sun block. Use no less than (15%) SPF15. Remember to reapply, we recommend to start 3 days prior to going on vacation or if you plan on spending extensive amounts of time outside. It helps to build up protection on the skin. Aveda has reformulated its products so that their makeup and skin care has a built in sunscreen.


Q. What can I do for my sunspots?

A. Hyper pigmentation is sun damage. It helps to get facials and use products that will help stop the bonding between cells and lighten the damage. Glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, a consistent skin care regimen with the right products and wearing sun block for the remainder of your life. Aveda has created the Brightening Essence skin care line, which fade the appearance of skin discoloration. Using the Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser will also encourage skin cell regeneration, so your new, fresh skin will constantly glow, as opposed to having the dull, dry appearance of old skin.


Q. How often is a facial necessary?

A. Optimal time would be every 4 to 6 weeks. Your skin care specialist can set up a plan with you for your individual needs.


Our Guarantee

We always strive to give quality, precise services that exceed your every expectation. In the event that we fall short of an expectation, we guarantee our work by making it right for you. We will rectify the challenge by any means possible however; we have chosen to not give cash refunds because we feel that doing so is equal to giving up and not remedying the challenge.